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    On September2021 and 9, the Government issued Resolution 105/NQ-CP on supporting businesses, business and cooperatives households in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic – solutions to support businesses because of covid.

    The image resolution sets out four sets of tasks to support businesses as follows:

    1. Make situations for businesses to develop and recover

    Implement effective and drastic measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic while creating favorable conditions for enterprises to recover, maintain and develop business and production through reviewing and amending regulations. on health insurance in the direction of allowing health insurance to pay for medical examination and treatment costs from a distance with a fee according to simplified procedures in September 2021.


    – The Us Government assigned the Ministry of Health to believe the perfect duty for, and coordinate with localities, branches, units, agencies and ministries in continuous to effectively and rationally spend resources of COVID-19 vaccines.

    – The Government required the Ministry of Communications and Information to market the link from the foundation to support remote control medical examination and treatment to completely in the commune and district amounts; promulgating a digital handbook to guide the solution to COVID-19;

    – Advertise analysis, technologies shift, manufacturing of drugs and vaccines to deal with COVID-19 in Vietnam.

    2. Ensuring dependable smooth, efficient, production and safe circulation of items, overcoming supply chain interruptions.


    – Instructing localities to uniformly put into practice the “environmentally friendly channel” for waterway and road carry nationwide, inter-provincially and inter-regionally to transport products safely.

    – The Ministry of Trade and Industry will think the excellent obligation for, and match with appropriate localities, agencies and ministries in fortifying industry managing, guaranteeing the balance of important components and products.

    Prompt deploy methods to remove creation interruptions, guarantee supply and ingestion, especially food items, food items and important buyer items when implementing societal distancing measures organization in illness prevention and control.

    – Let businesses to publish scanned clones qualified by digital signatures with files that need to be sent in as originals by means of papers / notarized / qualified true clones to eliminate bottlenecks when customs clearance of merchandise …

    3. Support to cut charges, eliminate financial hardships and income for cooperatives, enterprises and business households

    – Promulgating an insurance policy to reduce the repayment or support in the harmony in the brief-term social insurance policy fund, to get carried out Sept . 2021.

    – Proposal to waive penalties for delayed repayment of social insurance coming in 2021 and 2020, being completed in Sept . 2021.

    – Support to lessen power bills, minimize electricity price ranges (period 5) for customers using electrical energy according to your order, treatments and authorized regulations; totally guarantee, the best topics, never to be exploited for policies.

    – Put into practice insurance policies to reduce and relax land, charges, taxes and fees rents soon after becoming promulgated by capable authorities; preferential taxation policy for shipped in items to finance increasing incidence prevention and control soon after getting authorized by the Federal government…

    4.Make ideal problems for workers and experts

    – In Sept 2021, loosen the conditions for giving, certifying and extending work enables for visitors employed in Vietnam but need to guarantee protection to stop and control the epidemic.

    – Enable enterprises to barter with staff to boost overtime time/four weeks in accordance with the Covid-19 epidemic…

    The Federal Government telephone calls around the business cooperatives, business and community homes to market patriotism, self-reliance and self-reliance to beat difficulties, encourage manufacturing, business, environmentally friendly development, solidarity and typical join hands to fight the pandemic, adding to the successful setup in the set up desired goals and tasks of socio-monetary development.

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