• Hoffman Kirkpatrick posted an update 1 month ago

    LeatherCraft Germany concentrates on the eco friendly production of leather extras. The end result is products which emphasize durability and quality, making them your day-to-day buddies.

    In this approach, the truth is, exactly what will not be worldwide of trend and throw-away tradition. It is a get back to the days when objects were created to start with on goal and for a long period. With the minimalist design of our small leather goods, we are bringing this approach into a modern context.

    In contrast to the normal style routine, our leather goods are currently only accessible in all-natural blacks and browns and therefore are available throughout every season within the online shop.

    good quality, handmade, custom-made leather products.

    Your personality and creativity in leather. Made in our manufacturer in Germany. Fingers-produced. For you personally – so that you obtain the item you desire – not mass-generated merchandise. Top quality handmade.

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